Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gluten-free bread Quest

And so the search continues. So far we've made a white and brown with Odlums Tritamyl bread mixes. Initially looked promising but no taste and wouldn't freeze. Seems to self-destruct after a day or so. I could grate it into crumbs just rubbing it gently. To be fair, it was the version I put in the bread-maker that didn't survive the freezer.
We then bought the brown seeded loaf from M&S. This is a small pan which needs slicing (tricky!) and freezes well. You'll need 2 slices to make a 15g CHO sandwich. Not a bad loaf but uses largish seeds to give that bite that the gluten would have given. Not a big hit with the taste-tester though I thought it was reasonable - seeds/nuts are not favourites when visible, though I pack small mountains of them into the peanut and honey bars.

And now to the Gourmet Parlour. They I learned do a white and brown loaf (pic) as well as bakewell tart and chocoloate brownie slices. Not cheap: loaf €3.95 and slices €1.95 though they'll last the princess ages. Bakewell tart not that great and won't see a repeat purchase though it wasn't all that bad in fairness. The brown loaf review has come in and it's getting a thumbs up. Seemed very heavy, dense and moist to me and I'm fearing the CHO count once I get to weigh it. But it has a firm crust and can be cut into thin enough slices to use for sandwiches. I'm hopeful with this so long as it freezes okay to use for lunches.

Speaking with one of the owners, they use Doves Farm Gluten-free brown bread flour and I think add some extra baking powder and xanthan gum. Have a pack of the white Doves Farm flour in the press but hesitant to use it - it's the one I'm most hopeful about!

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