Friday, March 25, 2011

Odlums Gluten-free bread mix

A tale of two breads: breadmaker on left, over-baked on right
It's been a tough week on the diabetes/coeliac front so I was due for a turn of fortune. It was back to our quest for something that could be called bread, coeliac-style. Having tried using Odlums Tritamyl self-raising flour to make a lemon 'cake' recently, I wasn't too optimistic - actually, the cake wasn't that bad, just not worth the carbs!
So with fingers crossed I took Odlums Tritamyl White Bread mix and did a test of two bakes. I'm a big fan of the Panasonic bread-maker (mine's a SD254) and have been happily churning out decent bread for a couple years now. So, I baked a small 2lb white loaf in it and a simpler version in the oven. Both followed the recipe on the pack - just the flour, water, oil. I added an extra tsp of rapid dried yeast and an egg to the bread-maker version but otherwise the same.

The result?
Great! Okay, my expectations have been well-tempered recently but having just downed a fresh slice with some brie, I really can't complain. Having baked the Odlums Brown bread mix a week ago, I was expecting little by way of flavour but this was miles better. It took the full 45min in the oven, or about 2hrs in the bread-maker. The texture was good and not crumbly with plenty of holes; the crust reasonably was crispy and there was that bit of chewiness that makes strong-flour bread satisfying. Haven't tasted the bread-maker version yet but I'm hopeful of similar results.

Okay, the oven-baked is well, ugly looking while the bread-maker is slightly squat due to the shape of the bread-pan. Even the mixing of the oven-bake was easy, just a hand electric blender for a few minutes. I used a paper liner for the loaf tin which are a great time-saver.

Next up is Doves Farm flour... stay tuned!

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