Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vegetarian Quiche

When our son was diagnosed, we found that we initially started to avoid cooking our normal meals and seemed to rely on more processed foods (as the carb count was already worked out!) or meat and 2 veg with the 10g scoop of potato as we were apprehensive about correctly calculating the carb count. At the time I wished that someone could have handed me a booklet with some standard dishes or meals where the carb count was already worked out for me! The below dish was the first one which I made which our son gobbled up and saved us having to run round the house after him to get him to eat yet another bit of potato!!

Vegetarian Quiche

Base: 200g Wholemeal Flour (I use the Odlums Course wholemeal)
100g butter
Sesame Seeds (optional, but I like the extra crunch, flavour is enhanced if toasted slightly in advance) (3 Tbsps)
Cold Water (add slowly until the pastry comes together -usually about 4 or 5 tblspoons)

Preheat oven to 180C
Mix all the above in a food processor.
Chill for about 10 mins and roll out onto a standard quiche dish. (Be warned! This does not make your typical pastry and you may end up doing a patch up job in the dish as it does not roll out that well - but once its cooked it will hold together).
Once rolled out, return to fridge for about 30 mins.
Bake blind (with greaseproof paper and baking beans or if you don't have baking beans, use any dried beans/lentils/rice and keep specifically for this purpose). Cook for 10 mins at 180C and reduce to 160 for another 3

100g Leeks
80g Brocolli Florets
Packet of mushrooms (wild/button or whatever is to hand)
200 mls low fat milk
3 large eggs
Cheddar Cheese/Parmesan

Chop the vegetables and either dry fry or fry in a small bit of oil/butter. Drain any juices and spread out over the pastry case. Mix the milk and eggs together. Grate in some cheese to this mixture and pour over the vegetables. Grate some more cheese on the top.

Bake for 45 to 50 mins (slightly less in a fan oven) at 170C.

Carb Count: The above works out at 0.155 Carbs per 1 gram weight. So weigh your slice and multiply the weight by 0.155 to get the number of carbs per slice. A decent sized slice works out at about 22 Carbs which our son will eat quickly and without fuss - no more need for running around the house after a non compliant 2 year old with spoonfuls of potato!

Tip: If you want to use more standard pastry, substitute 1/2 the course wholemeal flour with normal white flour. Be aware though this will raise the carb count slightly (and tends to cause a higher increase in blood sugar levels for our son.)

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